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Kiteboarding KitesKiteboarding / Kitesurfing Gear at

Single Line KitesSingle Line Kites    [ view all ]
Delta Kites Delta Kites
Great for kids and lifting "line laundry"
Diamond Kites Diamond Kites
The classic kite shape
Box Kites Box Kites
Triads, EOs & more
Boat Kites Boat Kites
For sailing the skies
Foil Kites Foil Kites
Parafoils & Sleds
Dragon Kites Dragon Kites
Kites with long, flowing tails
Bird Kites Bird Kites
Birds & other winged creatures
Other Cool Kites Other Cool Kites
Find something unique here!

Stunt KitesSport (Stunt) Kites    [ view all ]
Stunt kites for anyone
Dual Line Kites Dual Line
Kites with two lines
Great kites for tricks
Quad Line Kites Quad Line
Kites with four lines
The sky's the limit!
Power Kites Sport Foils
Kites that pull!

Kite AccessoriesKite Accessories    [ view all ]
Stunt Kite Accessories Flying Line & Winders
Single Line Kite Accessories Tails & Line Laundry

GamesGames & Puzzles    [ view all ]
Board Games Wooden Games Games for 1 Player Games for 4 Players
Card Games Puzzle Games Games for 2 Players Games for Many Players

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15th Annual KoGL

Kiteboarding Test Fest

September 25-27, 2015
City Beach
Grand Haven, MI
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28th Annual

Great Lakes Kite Fest

May 21 & 22, 2016
at the State Park beach
Grand Haven, MI
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