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Shopping at is easy! Add or remove products just as you would at a store. You can make changes anytime until you click on the final PLACE MY ORDER NOW button. Our secure server protects your personal information. Here's how you do it.

  • Browse products by choosing a category from the menus at the top or left of the page. Or, if you're looking for something in particular, you can search for it in the box to the left. We're adding products all the time, so if you don't find it here, call us at 1-866-428-2335 to see if we have it in our store.
  • A Shopping Cart page will display each time you add a product to your shopping cart. You can easily change your order here.
    1. To CONTINUE SHOPPING - click on the Shop Some More link.
    2. To DELETE a product - click the REMOVE link under the product. You may also delete all the products in your cart by clicking the Empty Cart link.
    3. To MODIFY a quantity - click on the quantity box, change the number, click on the UPDATE link.
    4. SHIPPING and HANDLING and any TAX costs are not displayed until the Payment Information page (when you choose how to pay).

  • To Check Out your order, click on the SECURE CHECK OUT button which will take you to our SECURE server. Here you will see a subtotal of your order minus shipping and handling and tax (if applicable). Make any CHANGES to your order by clicking on the BACK button on your browser.
    1. Fill out your CONTACT information
    2. Fill out the BILLING address
    3. Select a SHIPPING METHOD and fill out the SHIPPING address (if different)

  • Click on SUBMIT. A page will display showing the total for your order (including S & H and taxes (if applicable). Review the information for your order to make sure all shipping and billing information is correct. Then select a payment method. If you choose to pay by credit card, carefully enter your card number and expiration date. Remember, your information is encrypted to keep it safe and private.
    1. Make any corrections by clicking on the BACK button on your browser, and selecting the information you want to change. Finally, click on the PLACE MY ORDER NOW button to place your order.
    2. If you wish to PHONE, FAX, or MAIL your order, PRINT out this page and fax it to us at (616)846-0106, call us at 1-866-428-2335, or mail it to:
      Mackinaw Kites & Toys
      Orders Department
      106 Washington
      Grand Haven, MI 49417

    • To CANCEL your order, click on ANY OTHER BUTTON, and you will leave the shopping section. Your order is not committed until you click on the final PLACE MY ORDER NOW button.
    • YOUR ORDER HAS NOW BEEN SENT! You will receive a CONFIRMATION page that will show your receipt. We recommend you PRINT THIS PAGE and save it until your order arrives. You will also receive a receipt by e-mail. If you have any questions about your order, be sure you have the order number available when you contact us.


      Other Ways to Order / Contact Us:

      By EMAIL:

      You may contact us with any questions in regard to your order via email. Be sure to include your order confirmation number. DO NOT send any credit card information via email, as email is not security encrypted. You may e-mail us here.

      By Phone:

      You may place your order with one of our knowledgeable sales staff by calling toll free (US only) 1-866-428-2335 or 1-616-846-7501.

      By Fax:

      Use our convenient fax service to place your order. 1-616-846-0106.

      By Mail:

      You can mail your order to us at:

      Mackinaw Kites & Toys
      Orders Department
      106 Washington St.
      Grand Haven, MI 49417

      International Orders:

      We will ship orders to select countries. However, before your order can be processed, we may require a Customer Credit Card Information form from you if you are paying by credit card. Once this form has been filled out by the credit card owner, we will gladly process all your orders until the expiration date on your card. At that time, we will continue to process your orders when we have received an updated form.
      The Customer Credit Card Information form is easy to complete and can be found online at .
      Print out the form and fill in each line neatly and legibly. The information must be provided by the person whose name appears on the credit card. Once the form is completed and signed, you may fax or mail it to us at the address at the top of the form. Once we have received your form, we will be able to process orders from you. We also accept payment in the form of an International Money Order made out in U.S. funds.
      When you place an order, your shipping address must match the billing address you provided on your Credit Card Information form. Most orders arrive in one to three weeks, but we cannot be responsible for lost or delayed shipments. Please note that we reserve the right to decline any order for any reason.

      A Few Words About Credit Card Orders...

      We try to get out orders as quickly as possible, but we also have a commitment to our customers' security. We keep an eye out for certain "red flags" that indicate credit card misuse. Sometimes this is actual fraud which we will prosecute, but more commonly it is an exuberant child who has "borrowed" his parent's card. In order to keep you safe and to promote family harmony, we will notify you if we see any irregularities before processing an order which has one or more "red flags". We apologize for any delay or inconvenience that this might cause (and hey, it isn't a lot of fun for us, either), but we want our customers to feel comfortable when ordering online.

      Exactly when will my order ship?

      Orders are normally processed on weekdays. If you place your order by 10:00 a.m. EST on those days, there's a good chance it'll ship that same day. If, for some reason, your item is not in stock, we will attempt to contact you and will ship your item as soon as it is back in stock. Special order items usually ship within 1-3 weeks.

      What does "Special Order Item" mean?

      Usually, manufacturers require us to buy in quantity, which means we only have space to stock their most popular items. However, in an effort to make some more unique pieces available to our customers, we've partnered with a couple manufacturers who are willing to ship us items individually. When you place your order, we contact the manufacturer and they send us your item(s) right away- not whenever we make our next "big order". Your Special Order normally arrives at your door in 1 1/2 - 3 1/2 weeks. Need it faster? We almost always have on hand a few of the items normally listed as "Special Order". If you're not too picky about color, or a similar item is also ok, give us a call or drop us an e-mail with what you're looking for and we'll let you know what's currently in stock. This can cut delivery time to a week or less.

      Where can I get a "Coupon Code"?

      From time to time we may offer a coupon code so that items may be purchased with a discount from our online store. These codes will be announced in our free monthly e-mail newsletter. If you'd like to subscribe, you can sign up on our home page or many other places throughout our website. Please note that there might not always be a "coupon code" available.


      Before returning an item, please contact us to let us know what you would like to return and the reason why. We'll reply with any solutions to your situation, which will normally include the option to return your item.

      We have one of the most liberal yo-yo return policies in the industry. If your yo-yo has broken due to mis-use or accident, simply return it to us with a check for 1/2 the amount you paid plus $5.00 shipping, and we'll replace it with another one (or the closest equivalent if yours is no longer available). No questions - no hassles. In all cases we guarantee our yo-yos for 30 days from delivery to be defect free. Simply return the yo-yo to us to have a replacement sent. However - be sure to check out our Yo-Yo Tips section before you return your yo-yo. Many common problems are easily fixed with a small adjustment, and this area will show you how to do that.

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