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Yo-Yo Links

Official website of the American Yo-Yo Association

National Yo-Yo Contest and Museum
In Chico, California

The Spinning Top & Yo-Yo Museum
In Burlington, Wisconsin
Host of the annual Wisconsin State Yo-Yo Contest

World Yo-Yo Contest
Information on the annual World Yo-Yo Contest

Who Invented the Yo-Yo
Interesting article on the history of the yo-yo

Yo-Yo History
Illustrated article on the history of the yo-yo

Lots of great tricks you can learn

How Yo-Yos Work
The physics behind the yo-yo

Lee's Yo-Yo Page
LOTS of yo-yo links and information

Official website of Yomega Yo-Yos

Official website of Buzz-On Yo-Yos

Official website of Spintastics Yo-Yos

Official website of YoyoJam Yo-Yos

Dave's Yo-Yo Museum
Lots of pictures and information on antique yo-yos

The Yo-Yo Man
Tommy Smothers, the original Yo-Yo Man

Bob Rule "Mr. Yo-Yo"
Bob has been yo-ing since the late '40s and was a Duncan promoter.

Jennifer Baybrook
Official website of 1998 World Champion Jennifer Baybrook

Yo-Yo Greeting Cards
Free yo-yo e-cards you can send to your friends at

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