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Apply to Work at MACkite

Please fill out this form as completely as possible. You may then click "Submit Application" or print and mail or fax the form to us.

We offer:

  A FUN working environment
  Flexible hours
  Opportunities for seasonal or year-round employment
  Lots of hands-on experience!

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General Information

We're a toy store, so "I can do 'Walk the Dog' on my yo-yo" actually counts as a skill here! :-)

Exclude organizations where the name indicates the race, creed, sex, age, marital status, color, or nation of origin of its members.

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Additional Comments

Terms & Conditions

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"I certify that all the information submitted by me on this application is true and complete, and I understand that if any false information, omissions, or misrepresentations are discovered, my application may be rejected, and if I am employed, my employment may be terminated at any time.

"In consideration of my employment, I agree to conform to the rules, regulations, and non-negotiable standards of Mackinaw Kite Co., and I agree that my employment and compensation can be terminated, with or without cause, and with or without notice at any time, at either the option of myself or Mackinaw Kite Co. I also understand and agree that the terms and conditions of my employment may be changed, with or without cause, and with or without notice, at any time by Mackinaw Kite Co."

Send it in!

Before submitting your application, please be sure that you have filled it out completely and accurately and that you have selected one of the above options indicating your agreement or disagreement with the terms and conditions of employment. You may also wish to print a copy for your records. Please be aware that, although the risk is very small, this information is not encrypted and could potentially be intercepted by a third party. If this is a concern for you, you may print this completed application form and send it by mail or fax to:

attn: Hiring Manager
106 Washington Ave.
Grand Haven, MI 49417
fax (616) 846-0106

Your information will be kept confidential by Mackinaw Kite Co. and will not be shared with any third party.

Ready to apply for a fun job? Click "Submit Application" ONCE. Please be patient as it may take a few moments to process. You should then be taken to a confirmation page to let you know that your application has been sent to us. Thank you!

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