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Mid-Michigan String Stretchers

More than just a nice bunch of people in crazy hats!

Unfortunately, the Mid-Michigan String Stretchers are no longer meeting at this time.

Kite Flying Safety Tips

Courtesy and Safety Go Together.
Fly Kites Safely!

  • Remember that you are always responsible for your kite and its line.
  • Never fly over roads or other people.
  • Never fly in stormy weather or near power lines. Wet line is conductive!
  • Don't underestimate the power of the wind. Always wear gloves when flying a hard-pulling kite.
  • Never fly near airports or in airplane flight paths.
  • Don't let a young child fly a kite that needs more than 30-lb. flying line. Always accompany them on their first flights.

Choosing the right place to fly

Choose an open park or field without trees or power lines. Trees or buildings upwind of your site can cause ground turbulence that makes launching your kite difficult. Downwind of your site, these "kite-eating" trees or buildings cause turbulence with a magnetic attraction for kites.

Hills can be great places to fly kites. In all but the lightest winds, stand on the windward side rather than the crest to avoid the turbulence created by the hill itself.

Generally, you need less wind to fly than you may think. If the trees are swaying and it's hard to walk against the wind, you'll have a battle on your hands, even if your kite does fly. Steady, gentle breezes are better for kite flying.

Mid-Michigan String Stretchers

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